Why Menstrual Cups are Loved


In the world of the women these days, the menstrual cups have recently become increasingly familiar and popular already. Women have come to the realization that compared to the use of tampons the menstrual cups are better for the environment and user as well.

The question really now is why are these women who know of the menstrual cups are more inclined to using them? What are the possible reasons as to why these women refuse to even think about going back to the use of disposable sanitary protection?

The most common reasons as to why a woman loves menstrual cups will be discussed below although every woman has a different reason for their use of these cups.

The use of these menstrual cups can last for a long period of time and you only need to make use of one. Every month a woman has to buy disposable sanitary pads or tampons every month but with the diva cup they are able to save money.

The menstrual cups need not to be thrown after it has been used which means rubbish is reduced and thus you are able to help the environment.

There is a side effect to the use of tampons and that is causing a serious condition called Toxic Shock Syndrome but this can be avoided through the use of the cups. Know more about menstrual cups in http://www.mahalo.com/menstrual-cups.

There is no chance of fibers entering the vaginal wall for the reason that the menstrual cups are made of rubber.

During night time, a woman can wear the menstrual cups and also during various sports such as yoga and swimming.

The menstrual flow will be collected by the moon cup which means that you can see it and have it monitored.

The menstrual cups have the capability to hold more fluid compared to the tampons which means that it is not necessary to keep on changing

Since the menstrual cups collect the menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it then it is not able to interfere to the healthy vaginal environment.

It is highly recommended that a women insert these menstrual cups correctly so that they will feel comfortable and can rely fully on these cups. As a matter of fact, the women will even be able to forget that she is wearing a menstrual cup.

There is a guarantee that a woman will not be able to experience any thrush or dryness with the use of the menstrual cups. It is as a matter of fact because of the use of tampons that a woman experiences this thrush and dryness.

So as you can see there are really more benefits to the use of these menstrual cups. The use of these menstrual cups is really able to bring about more benefits compared to the use of the tampons. The fact cannot be denied now that a woman will really be able to enjoy more benefits with the use of the menstrual cups.


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